About Masterson Associates

Masterson Associates merely exists to be a strong ally to businessmen who need professional, reliable and quality services to help them achieve their business aims successfully and confidently. Through our philosophy of “There is no secret to success, keep it simple.”, we have helped to turn around the fortunes of several big businesses. Our team are well abreast with the constant changes in both the Finance and Information Technology sector to ensure up-to-date advices and actions on all assignments.

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Client portfolio

Our portfolio of clients comprise of small, medium and large entities covering a wide range of industries.


Financial services, real estate, technological, hospitality, transport, construction and property developments, individuals, trading and global business companies.

Relaxed environment

We have a good blend of professionals with different qualifications, experience and skills, and we provide on-going training and performance assessments to ensure staff members are competent in this dynamic world of accountancy and finance. We reward our dedicated team with good working conditions, reasonable pay packages, multiple benefits, study support and development opportunities.

We believe that the performance of our team and delivery of quality results for our clients rest on the in-house culture that prevails. In that respect, we promote a very open, fair and relaxed but professional working environment.

Unique approach

Masterson Associates operates under an equal opportunity and no discrimination policy. Staff members have direct access to fellow colleagues, including seniors, to share and exchange their ideas and views of how we can constantly improve and maintain an excellent working environment.


Our culture

  • We provide a free initial consultancy service before you engage
  • Our team provide unlimited phone support
  • We believe in the discipline of time-keeping and meeting deadlines
  • No matter how your records are kept, we sort out the paperwork and ensure completeness
  • We take full responsibility of your compliance with all regulatory bodies
  • Our philosophy: “There is no secret to success, keep it simple.”