Accounting services

Much more than accounting

We possess a wealth of knowledge which help us understand intrinsically how an established business works and how things can be improved.In this respect, we give advice on the most suitable form of legal entity when your business is in the start-up phase; we offer a same day company incorporation service; prepare and deliver accounts for sole traders, partnerships, trusts and limited companies including periodic management accounts; we train your personnel to improve the maintenance, production and delivery of important financial information; and we ensure you obtain an integrated accountancy and tax service to guarantee you the best possible advice.

Accounting practice

We prepare financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (‘IFRS’) and ensure that financial statements are filed with the regulatory authorities on a timely basis. We prepare payroll and annual return of emoluments. We also assist in the preparation of budgeted statement of profit or loss, statement of financial position and statement of cash flow. Furthermore, we prepare financial information for banks and financial institutions to support your applications for finance and related demands.

Why do you need our accounting services?

Appropriate accounting systems are of utmost importance for all businesses at all stages of their development. We provide the necessary expertise by becoming involved in early stages of your business or as soon as our services are solicited.

Audit services

We do more than a mere audit

We like to exploit to your best interest the knowledge gained in understanding your business during audit assignments. We brainstorm with our staff members combining partner’s ideas to formulate proposals on measures that may suit your needs better.

Value for money

We aim to provide clients a value for money service by ensuring knowledge gained and opportunities spotted are transferred to you. We use our professional judgment to produce a seamless and complete audit while ensuring we mitigate the risks of any material misstatement. All our audit works are conducted in accordance with all professional regulatory standards, especially International Standards on Auditing (‘ISA’).

Why do you need our audit services?

Businesses require more from their auditors than the statutory audit as they look for value added services.


Taxation services

Working closely with our established team of tax specialists, we offer a fully integrated financial and tax planning service to individuals, families and businesses.We understand the need to protect the hard earned estate that you built over time. We provide you access to tax specialists who can advise you on optimising all available tax reliefs during the lifetime of your business.

VAT services

At Masterson Associates, we put at the disposal of our clients the collective experience and expertise in VAT compliance. Our VAT team provides consultancy and planning advice, assistance and also helps businesses to overcome the complexities of VAT and similar taxes. Masterson Associates services also include preparation and submission of monthly and quarterly VAT returns for businesses.

ad hoc services

Corporate finance

Our corporate financing services can help you to find new directions for your business and adapt to the ever-changing business environment.Our advisory services include:
• Consulting – business start-ups and registrations, strategic planning and business processes, market studies, information systems, human resources, performance management, corporate financing, business plans, feasibility studies, application for work and residence permits and a host of other advisory services.
• Transaction Support – due diligence, specialist tax advice, financial modelling and business valuations
• Litigation Support – Corporate and Commercial, forensic and insolvency.

Restructuring & Recovery

We do get involved in business restructuring where required by providing assistance, advice and support on direction and long term goals relevant for our clients.If your business is experiencing financial and operation difficulties, our team can help you face the situation. Through a tailored process, we identify the problem areas, analyse the critical issues and work with you in resolving them. We assume all possible scenarios whether they are restructuring or dealing with debt. Masterson Associates provides support in every step of the way and we even extend our excellent relationship with several banks to you where possible.

Legal Support & Secretarial

With our local expertise, we are able to assist your business expansion by assisting in both legal and secretarial duties.

• Legal – Company formation, company review services, filing of statutory forms with the authorities, legal research, employment law advisory services, registration of licences and trademarks, legal assistance, compliance and other regulatory services as may be required.

• Secretarial and administration – Tracking and accounting of business financials and billing, submitting complete corporate financial records, document billing/application and filing for business transactions.

Business Support & Outsourcing

We believe that everyone should focus on what they are good at and optimise on their respective strengths. We provide an array of services to assist the accounting and administration part of your business while we help you concentrate on the running of your firm, managing the key operations and ensuring your resources are well spent for the best of your business. Our team undertake all those critical time-consuming tasks enabling you to focus on making your business a success.

Our services includes:

• Preparing financial plans, book-keeping, payroll, management accounting and preparation of annual financial statements;

• Supervision of accounting personnel, inventories, assets and credit management and other services as may be required.

Our ad hoc services

At Masterson associates, we have a plethora of ad hoc services that will complement your business including corporate financing, restructuring and recovery services, business process outsourcing among others.